Our Property Maintenance Contractors

As Managing Agents, we have a team of qualified contractors to carry out maintenance and upgrade works for properties we look after on behalf of landlords. Providing the best service ensures all properties are maintained to a high standard.

This page is here to show you that our contractors adhere to the highest industry standards, before any contractor can proceed with any works being carried on a property that we look after, we must have all the requisite certification that confirms that they are qualified to carry out the job in hand. From time to time we do use contractors who may not appear on this list this is because the landlord may have a contractor that they favor, - if you are a tenant in one of our properties, you will be notified via the communications and repairs system before any contractor attends your property. However If you have any concerns about who has access to your home, you can check they are on this list, or give us a call at the office for clarification.

General Maintenance

Dave and Paul are our own full time members of staff who are fully trained to deal with all general maintenance issues. They are our first respondents to all general maintenance enquiries.

Plumbing and Gas

Gregory's Plumbing and Heating Services - Gregory's are our principle plumbing and gas contractor. They have years of experience and are a very well renowned local firm.


A1 Electrics deal with the bulk of our electrical work, from changing hard to reach light bulbs, to major electrical overhauls and power showers.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is of huge importance. We primarily use Plymouth Fire Protection (PFP) who ensure that all of our tenants are safe, with up to date equipment and certification.

Structural Survey and Remedial Works

Many of the houses in Plymouth are now more than a century old, and require specialist attention. To ensure that we can control any issues we use Heritage Preservation


On occassion landlords need to have windows replaced or upgraded. We use Window Wise South West to carry this out.


Ace Domestics - invariably some appliances can go wrong. We use Ace Domestics to deal with ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers and almost anything with a plug!

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